Spring 2017 Update

All is quiet this Spring at Honour as I prepare for my annual Summer work in Germany. ROMMEL is done and will soon be off to the printers. We’re right on track for a release later this Summer, as planned. As we near that time in August, I...... Read more

Freejumper is Here!

This fun and social game accommodates any number of players, mixing elements of role-playing, sci-fi, and tabletop strategy. Each player designs a “freejumper” – a small, privately-owned multi-purpose, self-aware spaceship. The...... Read more

Spring Sale and Cinematic Romans

We’re offering a big discount on the Maurice cards and books, and the Longstreet books for April. See the store for details. Also a big discount on smaller overseas packages; if your order is 2lbs or less (that means two of these smaller...... Read more

AURELIAN Unit Tiles are Here

Have you been considering trying Aurelian, the new game about the Crisis of the Third Century, but you don’t have any figures for the Romans, Persians, Germans, or Sarmatians? These unit tiles are the perfect solution. The Tiles are printed...... Read more

Holy Mother Russia Needs You!

The army of the Tsar of all the Russias was a tough, disciplined force, armed to the teeth with plentiful artillery. They proved to be formidable opponents for Napoleon’s armies, and ultimately victorious over his attempt to conquer their...... Read more

The Kaiserlicks are Here!

During the wars of the French Revolution, the French called their Austrian enemies “kaiserlicks,” a mispronunciation of the German word for “imperial.” The humble kaiserlick was a well-trained and well-equipped soldier, the most consistent and...... Read more

New HONOUR FaceBook page

I’m finally getting around to launching a FaceBook page for the business end of my operation: https://www.facebook.com/Sam.Mustafa.Publishing/ My project for this Winter is to do a better job coordinating announcements on this site, on FB...... Read more