New Tab for all Podcasts

The third Blücher podcast is now available.  I’ve decided to create a new space for these, so they won’t take up so much space on the “News” pages, so all podcasts are moving to the “Podcasts” tab. From now on...... Read more

New Blücher Samples Available

The Downloads page has two new goodies for Blücher: A sample chapter from the Basic Game. In this case it’s Chapter 3, which describes the game’s sequence of play and the important concepts of momentum and activation. -and- The...... Read more

Blücher is Off to the Printers

The Blücher book is finished and heading to the printers. This means that we’re on target for an early-2015 release. The first expansion set (The Hundred Days), a 216-card box for the 1815 campaign, with all the unit cards you could need...... Read more

Allied Companies

HONOUR is proud to announce our affiliation with three wonderful colleagues in the wargaming world: Iron Fist Publishing Ambush Alley Games Crossover Miniatures You’ll probably see more announcements from all of us in the future, but...... Read more

Longstreet Lite is Here!

For those who would like to try a very basic, “bare-bones” version of the Longstreet game, the free “Lite” version is now available on the HONOUR downloads page. You can sample a very simplified version of the game’s...... Read more

Longstreet Coming Soon!

Huzzah!  The printers have informed me that Longstreet is on his way. I expect to have the books in hand in a couple of weeks, and then the cards a couple of weeks after that.  So we’re on schedule for an August release (he said hopefully.)...... Read more

Sam is Away until July 1

As I write this, I’m packing for my annual research trip in Germany. I’ll be working in the Prussian archives in Berlin and the Hessian archives in Marburg (Hallo, Brüder Grimm!).  June is a slow month at HONOUR, but when I return...... Read more

Longstreet is Off to the Printers!

Now the most nerve-racking part of game development ensues:  The Long Wait.  Longstreet is done and the proofs have been approved for both books and cards. So it’s at the printers and will be probably another 2-3 months before I can see the...... Read more

Longstreet Will be a Book

I’ve kept quiet for the past month or so, as I needed time to explore all options, but I’ve decided that Longstreet will be released as a book. The complete game will therefore be like Maurice:  a book and a boxed set of 108 cards...... Read more