Holy Mother Russia Needs You!

The army of the Tsar of all the Russias was a tough, disciplined force, armed to the teeth with plentiful artillery. They proved to be formidable opponents for Napoleon’s armies, and ultimately victorious over his attempt to conquer their...... Read more

The Kaiserlicks are Here!

During the wars of the French Revolution, the French called their Austrian enemies “kaiserlicks,” a mispronunciation of the German word for “imperial.” The humble kaiserlick was a well-trained and well-equipped soldier, the most consistent and...... Read more

New HONOUR FaceBook page

I’m finally getting around to launching a FaceBook page for the business end of my operation: https://www.facebook.com/Sam.Mustafa.Publishing/ My project for this Winter is to do a better job coordinating announcements on this site, on FB...... Read more

The Printed Aurelian Cards

Aurelian is a card-driven game. Free copies of all the game’s cards are available for downloading on this site.  However, if you want to purchase a full-color, professionally-printed set of the cards, you can do so from DriveThru Cards...... Read more

Aurelian is Here!

The newest HONOUR game, Aurelian, is now available. Can you save the fragmenting Roman empire or smash it to pieces for your own gain? Aurelian is available in PDF format for $29, worldwide. The buyer receives two files: one low-resolution...... Read more

Honour Podcast Number 7

Hello again and welcome back. It has been a while since my last podcast, and it is now time to introduce the new upcoming HONOUR game, Aurelian. I hope you enjoy it. best, Sam   To download the podcast, right click on the button below and...... Read more

Brigade Games Napoleonics

The Brigade Games line of 28mm Napoleonics continues to expand, with French, British, Spanish, Russian, and Polish figures. You might recognize some of these guys from the Blücher rulebook illustrations: I use both the French and Spanish in...... Read more