I am told that the Rommel books are in Customs now, so it’s just a matter of days. It would be really cool if we could release on 1 September, the anniversary of the war’s start. We’ll see….

In the meantime, I can announce that I’ll be offering a Book + PDF deal for a significantly discounted price, only on the HONOUR website. The normal individual prices will be:

Rommel Book: $40
Rommel PDF: $20.

The Bundle Deal will be $49 for both.  (So you can start reading the rules while waiting for the postman to deliver your pretty rulebook!)

I will also be offering discounted shipping rates for Canadian and Overseas customers, to ease the pain of ordering directly from the USA. Canadian shipping will be $12, and Overseas shipping will be $15*, representing a discount of more than 30%.

* These rates apply for ordering the Rommel book. If you order additional products, the weight will increase and so will the shipping cost.