Well, that crafty old Württemberger surprised everyone again by getting here early. The freight people were supposed to call me once he cleared Customs and set a delivery date. Instead, as I was heading out the door to go to the gym, a truck pulled up. Surprise Attack; No warning – just like Rommel!

Then you guys crashed the website on Friday, in what was apparently an imitation of a Soviet human-wave assault. That was fun to watch.*

As of today the Podcasts have been restored, the Forum has apparently decided not to wait for the Webmeister and it just fixed itself.

And I’m caught up on everybody’s orders. Whew!

All right, then: Enjoy the game, post your scenarios, house rules, alternative armies and so on in the Forum, and have some fun with Rommel!

* Not fun at all, really. Terrifying, actually, like a Volksgrenadier battalion watching the assault of the 3rd Guards Tank Army.