The Hundred Days

The Hundred Days is a boxed set of 216 richly colorful heavy-duty poker-sized cards, providing you with all the units of the three armies in the 1815 campaign, as well as cards for famous personalities, objectives, and other useful things. Every unit that fought in the battles of the Waterloo campaign, or could have fought in them, is included.

They are perfect for introducing new players, or for setting up What-If battles, or for those evenings when you’d rather spend your time playing, rather than setting up figures and terrain.

For the price of one box of miniatures, you can have three large armies and a full campaign, all of which can be set up in just a few minutes.

For the free “Hundred Days” campaign for Blücher, click here.

You must have a copy of the Blücher game rules in order to use this product.

Price: $32 in the USA. Prices in other countries will vary.