Aurelian Cover SmallThe Roman empire is fracturing. Plague stalks the land. The economy is collapsing. Emperors are assassinated with startling frequency. Barbarians have broken through the frontiers. The Persians have invaded in the east.

 That Rome survived is largely due to one man.

Aurelian is a tabletop game about the Crisis of the Third Century. Players take the role of factions – both civilized and barbarian – contending for control of the fragmenting Roman Empire.

The game’s unit tiles and action cards are provided for free download.

For SirTobi’s wonderfully cinematic video tutorial and introduction to Aurelian, click here.

For more information, sample chapters, and other supporting game materials, click here.

This game is available in PDF only.

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Ordering Professionally-Printed Cards: 

The game’s action cards are provided as a free download. However, if you would like to order professionally-printed versions of the action cards, go to DriveThru Cards and select “Aurelian – Action Cards.”

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