Rommel Optional Rules

Rommel Optional Rules

Rommel Errata (as of 4 October, 2017)

Rommel Errata

Rommel Sample Chapter

Rommel - a Sample Chapter

The Rommel Quick Reference Sheets

The Rommel QRS

A Sample Rommel Scenario

Sample Rommel Scenario

Summary of Unit Traits

Summary of Unit Traits

Teasers from the Army Creation Chapter

Teasers from the Army Creation Chapter

Rommel Command Posts

Rommel Command Posts (Complete)

Introductory Scenario: “Operation Brevity”

Introductory Scenario: "Operation Brevity"

Markers for Rommel

Markers for Rommel

(Optional) Game Roster

Optional Rommel Roster

Sample Advanced Game Scenario: Assault on Juno Beach

Juno Beach scenario

NEW ARMY: The Polish Army in 1939

The Polish Army in 1939

NEW ARMY: The Romanian Army in Axis Service

The Romanian Army

A Blank DIY Command Post

(for creating your own armies using Open Architecture)

DIY Command Post

Aurelian Sample Chapter 2

Aurelian Sample Chapter 2

Aurelian Sample Chapter 4

Aurelian Sample Chapter 4

Sample Army Lists

Two Sample Army Lists

The Historical Essay (Chapter 18)

Aurelian Historical Essay

The Action Cards

Aurelian Action Cards

The Appendices

Aurelian Appendices

Optional Unit Labels (for miniatures)

Optional Unit Labels

Blücher is Coming in 2015

Blücher Flyer Oct 14

Blücher Sneak Peek: Army Building

Blücher Army Building

Blücher Sneak Peek: A Sample Chapter from the Basic Game

Sample Basic Game Chapter

Along the Danube: Introductory Scenario

Along the Danube

GNEISENAU the Blücher Play Aide

Gneisenau Play Aide

Markers for Blücher

Objective and Prepared Markers

Do-It-Yourself Unit Cards

DIY Unit Cards

Scharnhorst Campaign Maps

Scharnhorst Campaign Maps

Optional Army Roster

Optional Army Roster

Manual for the Hundred Days Campaign

Hundred Days campaign manual

Examples of the Hundred Days unit cards

Examples of Unit Cards

Extra copies of the force roster for the Longstreet grand campaign:

Longstreet Force Roster

The Longstreet Card Manifest:

Longstreet Card Manifest

The Longstreet Living Index (MS-Word file):

Longstreet Living Index (MS-Word)

“Longstreet Lite”:

Want to try some of the Longstreet game systems for free? Download the “Longstreet-Lite” rules, a 25-page “bare-bones” simplified version of the game, which you can play with the free basic action cards, below.

Longstreet Lite v.1.01 Longstreet Lite Cards

“Longstreet Lite” (French Version)

The Lite rules are available in French, translated by Eudes Lefevre:

Longstreet Lite (Français)

Download the Introductory Flyer.

Maurice Flyer

See some sample pages from Maurice:

Maurice Samples 1 Maurice Samples 2

Maurice Lite

Want to try some of the Maurice game systems for free? Download the “Maurice-Lite” rules, a 22-page “bare-bones” simplified version of the game, which you can play with the free basic action cards, below.

Maurice Lite 2012 Maurice Lite Quick Reference Sheet (QRS)

(Full-Color Cover Page for people who want an extra cover page for their PDF)

Maurice PDF Cover

The Lion and the Crescent Module

The prolific Greg Savvinos returns with another of his excellent expansion modules for Might & Reason.  This time he heads East to cover the wars of the Ottomans, Persians, and Moghuls in the twilight of Asia’s great ‘Gunpowder Empires.”

The Lion and the Crescent Module

Sun King Module

All you Marlborough fans can download Greg Savvino’s Sun King module.  Greg has seamlessly adapted Might & Reason to the Nine Year’s War, the Great Northern War, and the Spanish Succession, complete with Army Lists, Officers, and points-based DIY.

Sun King Module

Alternate Russian Army List

Phil Karecki and I were talking about trying to craft a Russian army list that would better reflect the various Russo-Turkish Wars.  If you’re interested, this alternate page replaces the Russian army list in the book, and does (I think) a better job differentiating between the Russian SYW army and the forces they sent against the Turks in the 18th Century.

Alternate Russian Army List

Official Errata

Updated errata to cover the corrections in the Second and Third printings.

Might & Reason Errata

Extended Play Example for New Players:

David Williams has written this very valuable annotated play-by-play account of his first game, in which he both reviews and explains many game concepts for first-time players.

Extended Play Example

Play-Aids in French (Aides de jeu en français)

Nowfel Leulliot and his West-Paris game club (“Les Immortels”) have prepared French-Language versions of the game charts and quick-reference sheets, plus a French army-builder spreadsheet.

Tips and Tactics for New Players

Organized by the nationality of your preferred army, this set of well-tested tips and tactics comes from the many DIY and tournament games played by the NJMGS Club in New Jersey.  Highly recommended for new players, or those choosing which army to collect.

Tips and Tactics

Freejumper Quick Reference Sheet

Free jumper Quick Reference

The Freejumper Appendices

All the system cards and ship interfaces that you need to play the game are available as a free, printer-friendly download. (If you prefer the professional, full-color version, you can order them from DriveThru Cards.)

Freejumper Cards

Some Freejumper Sample Pages

Freejumper Samples